Anthologies only become visible once they open to submissions. To learn more about them before they are open read the Open Calls for Submissions page on my blog.

Please submit your stories in something resembling standard manuscript formatting.

This is not an anthology submission form. 

Toward the end of 2022 I will be putting together a Story Bundle (through which includes my favourite speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction and/or horror) titles that were published by small presses in 2022. 

For this project I am defining a small press as any publisher that publishes 10 titles or fewer a year. This may include people who only publish their own work. I am only considering full-length novels for this bundle not short stories or short story collections and my preference will be for books with an adult audience.

There is only space for 12 - 15 books in the bundle.

Submissions close: September 1, 2022

Compensation: Contributors each earn an equal share of the sales revenue generated

I am happy to accept ARCs

I prefer .ePub files but will also read .pdf or .mobi format if necessary.

If you've any questions please contact me at

Rhonda Parrish Anthologies